Words that describe us:

Flexibility ~ Agility ~ Mobility ~ Solvability ~ Formability ~ Reliability ~ Affability ~ Sustainability

FHS Solutions Group is formed out of many individual managers and management companies to operate as a global institute organisation.


We provide comprehensive and specified service, support and management for:

  • The Entertainment Industry
  • The Broadcasting Industry
  • The Publishing Indistry
  • The Film Industry
  • The Music Industry
  • The Fashion Design Industry
  • The Talent Industry

as well also the:

  • The Manufacturing Industry
  • The Eductation Industry
  • The Business Industry (up to 1000+ employees)

our service include:

  • Comprehensive care and support
  • Intensive training to develope success
  • Production management
  • Sales management
  • Bookkeeping and Tax Accountancy (for our clients)
  • Comunication and media management
  • Web presentation and reputation management
  • High Performance coaching
  • Executive Development coaching

Stand out and be outstanding with our service to you

Things do not get better by chance, thing only get better by change


In 2017

We get you ready for the next step before you get started

We elevate you - we elevate your career

We distance ourselves from any other organisations offering similar services and management. We have set up a very flexible management structure that values its clients and work around their performance level and capability. We set goals and routes to go by together with you as our client. Your preference and interests is our working basis. We show high flexibility in the way we manage your career, project, production, event, music or film production, design, strategies or individual plan specifications, in order to reach out full success. We are a global organisation working in over 92 countries with several talent, event, performance, and production managers. We have achieved the success of many Companies, Organisations, Employees, Actors, Musicians, Models, Singers, Dancers, Artists, Designers, Productions, Projects, Sales & Retails, Manufacturings and much more...

Our training, management and support will lead you to the success that you want and need to achieve!

We steer you into the right direction to output succes

Our clients are:

Companies , Universities, Organisations, Groups, Communities, Businesses operating in the production, sales, retail, and trading industry.

Manufacturers, Designers, Groups, Schools, Entertainer, Singer, Musicians, Dancer, Models, Actors, Artists, Managers, Directors and many others... who trust our management, assistance, support, advice, skills and teachings for many years.

Management overview:

We offer as well Management for: Project ~ Productions ~ Manufacturings ~ Designing ~ Employees & Employment ~ Strategies, Communication ~ Bookings & Contracts ~ Media ~ Film & Music ~ Fashion & Design ~ Shows & Events ~ Strategy & Development...

Enhance your performance with our manageme

We offer courses which are specially designed to analyse the individual need to enhance the performance and productivity. We focus not only on the need, goals and success you require. We teach beyond and enhance the over all outcome to ensure a long lasting successful result.

Our managements and teachings are economical, ecological and spur to be thrifty in spendings.

We train you to succeed and manage your success in many ways

We also do not only manage we also produce Film and Music with our own International independent record label and film label which is established in 2012. With our fashion label we are proud to go a very special way which has been directed for many years by “Ulla Toussaint”

It would not be beneficial for you to know with whom we work

We do not need to brag about

But it is beneficial for you to know how we work